Music pictures and music. Obviously vintage plus Nirvana and Hole. I share a birthday with Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones.
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The Rolling Stones on the infamous flatbed truck performance on 5th Ave NYC to announce the 1975 Tour of The Americas

Radio DJ: “…..Eh, Dave Herman is here….and here comes the truck now into view….and they’re going to be….Yep, they are! There’s Mick Jagger…and The Stones….They’re all here! Now YOU hear the sound! Let’s pick it up!”

“Alright, the truck is pulling away. And we’re being crushed! Literally crushed! Mick Jagger has just thrown out the announcement of the tour…”

“The Rolling Stones playing on Fifth Avenue….on Fifth Avenue!”

“The Rolling Stones playing on Fifth Avenue….and did you notice who the new member was? I think that’s most significant. Ron Wood was on guitar….Now let’s go back to Pete in the studio.”